How can a tourist make insurance as profitable as possible

There are two important nuances when concluding an insurance contract for travelers traveling abroad. The first is that the policy should clearly stipulate all possible risks, as well as the types of assistance provided. The second one is to, upon the occurrence of an insured event, consistently carry out everything that is stipulated by the insurance contract.

Many travelers do not take into account that the same case can be interpreted differently within the framework of insurance rules. For example, an injury received while intoxicated will not be recognized as an insured event if the option of assistance with alcohol intoxication is not included in the policy. This type of insurance is not offered by all companies, and the degree of intoxication is determined differently: either by analysis, or relying on the opinions of doctors.

Another example is the difference between poisoning by local dishes and an exacerbation of chronic diseases due to unusual foods. The relevant clause in the policy is also important here. When riding a motorcycle (if there is an appropriate clause in the policy), the presence of a helmet and category A international rights is crucial.

The insurance included in the package tour, as well as insurance with a minimum coverage, does not allow you to rely on covering all the costs of medical care abroad. Experts advise to pay attention to such additional options as insurance for sports, outdoor activities, help with sunburn, exacerbation of chronic diseases, complicating pregnancy, ensuring evacuation by helicopter, search and rescue operations. It is also important to take care of insurance compensation in case of loss of baggage, documents, and damage to other people. It is advisable to have accident insurance so that you do not receive injury assistance under the standard limited insurance program.

In order to guarantee compensation from the insurer, you must carefully read the contract, have a clear understanding of insurance cases. It is recommended that you have a copy of the insurance policy on your phone for convenience. Once in the hospital, it should be clarified that the letter of guarantee was received by doctors, and the insurer will pay for the treatment (including additional) (leaving a deposit or paying in cash is unacceptable).

The following should be kept in mind when paying insurance. The insurer can pay for medical services directly (service insurance) or guarantee compensation for the costs of the traveler upon return (compensation insurance). The second option is quite rare these days, so you should follow all the rules to get the expected support from the insurer on time.