Features of employee insurance against industrial accidents

Every company can afford accident insurance for employees. Due to small insurance premiums, the production manager receives a lot of staff loyalty. Indeed, in a difficult life situation, it is with the help of the manager that the employee will receive support from the insurance payment. Do not forget that insurance premiums are not subject to personal income tax.

Types and forms of accident insurance

Workplace accident insurance covers the following risks:

  • Permanent disability
  • Injuries
  • Death

Depending on the insurance risk, the injured party receives a certain payment prescribed in the terms of the contract of insurance of workers against industrial accidents.

Terms and conditions of insurance

Collective insurance for their employees can every employer. If your production is not dangerous, then the rules and conditions for accident insurance are standard and do not require additional documents. 
To conclude an agreement, it is necessary to provide the insurer with a list of employees on whom you plan to take out insurance.

What to do when an insured event occurs?

In the event of an accident, first of all it is necessary to contact a medical institution for help. Then inform the insurance company about the event. Be prepared to be asked to provide a package of documents. When signing an insurance contract, learn about such details in advance. Each insurance may have its own nuances and rules.

Accident Insurance Rates

The cost of an industrial accident insurance policy will be affected by the number of employees in the enterprise and the number of risks involved, as well as the size of the insurance premium. Therefore, tariffs are always calculated individually.

Payments upon occurrence of an insured event

In the event of an insured event, payments shall be paid to the victim’s account within 14-28 days after the provision of all necessary documents. The calculation is based on the sum insured and the table of insurance benefits.

Why is it worth insuring staff?

Insurance of workers against industrial accidents makes your company the most attractive for highly qualified specialists. After all, taking care of your employees, you gain the image of a responsible employer. Do not lose sight of the fact that accident insurance reduces the tax base and insurance premiums and payments are not subject to personal income tax.