What insurance do you need on a trip?

Insurance is crucial for travelers. You can buy an insurance policy that is convenient for you. An online policy is the same full-fledged document for consulates and visa centers, as well as acquired in a standard way. The presentation of such policies is a common practice.

It is worth considering the size of insurance coverage in advance. The “hint” will be the minimum amount of insurance in the selected state (for example, insurers offer coverage in the Schengen countries – from 30 thousand dollars, in the USA – from 50 thousand).  

A number of insurance companies offer insurance with a “temporary deductible”: it is issued if necessary already during the trip, but you can only use it after five days. Thus, to deceive the insurer and force him to pay for treatment, having issued insurance during illness, will not work.

A visa policy is not required in all cases, depending on the country. In countries that do not require a visa, or providing visas at airports, the tourist himself decides whether he needs a policy. However, one should take into account the high cost of medical care in such cases. As a rule, the insurer guarantees ambulance services or the close proximity of the hospital with which the service company cooperates.

If an insured event occurs during the trip (well-being), you should immediately contact the service company with which the insurer cooperates and provide the necessary information. Choosing a clinic not from the company’s list, but at his discretion, the tourist should remember that in this case, if the case is recognized as insurance, the cost of treatment will not be covered immediately and, possibly, not in full. In any case, you should get documents about the procedures passed, the medicines taken and their payment.

When purchasing an insurance policy, it is imperative to ensure that the types of entertainment indicated in it coincide with those extreme sports and entertainment that you plan to engage in on the trip. Depending on the risks, a price is formed (more extreme – higher policy cost). It’s in the interests of the tourist to purchase a policy that, if necessary, will cover all costs. Saving in this case is risky.

Among the risks that you can insure against are cancellation or interruption of the trip. In case of delay (traffic jams, traffic problems, traffic accidents) and a failed flight, flight cancellation, possible errors in the documents, insurance will allow you to resolve financial issues.