What you need to know about summer house insurance

What you need to know about summer house insurance

When giving a summer residence insurance, there are some nuances that every summer resident should know. For example, that you can insure not only the house, but also other buildings that are on the site. These include: a bathhouse, a garage, a fence, landscape structures, etc. The following items are subject to insurance: interior decoration of buildings, movable property and civil liability to neighbors. In a word, almost everything that can burn out, break down from the natural elements that can be stolen, can be insured.

When you draw up an insurance contract, you must carefully read its terms, pay attention to the franchise and how accurately the objects have been described. Because if the insurance agent writes down the wooden house in the contract as a brick, then there can be no question of any compensation.

Where can I insure my cottage

You can insure the cottage on your own with an insurance company or an insurance agency. I would like to immediately note the advantages of agencies. The agency will always select several options from different insurance companies. Our agents are always aware of promotions that can lower the cost of the policy. In addition, our employees accompany the client throughout the contract, you can always get a free consultation.

What risks are insured cottages and other suburban real estate

Villas insure against such risks as:

  • Fire, lightning strike, explosion
  • Natural disasters
  • Water damage
  • Collision / fall
  • Theft
  • Third party damage
  • Terrorism
  • Liability insurance (harm to life, health or property of third-party victims).

How is the summer house insurance – features of the procedure

Summer cottage insurance is one of the most convenient and fastest types of insurance. If the object costs no more than 1 million rubles, then the execution of the insurance contract is allowed without inspection of the cottage. According to the client, an inventory of property, external and internal decoration of buildings, additional structures, etc. is compiled.

Some insurance companies allow summer house insurance not only without inspection, but also without a written statement and the provision of title documents. Upon signing the policy, the policyholder confirms that he is the owner of the cottage. But this only applies to insurance of inexpensive summer cottages, whose cost does not exceed 1 million rubles.

If the cottage is worth more than 1 million rubles, then you will need:

  • Cottage Inspection
  • Title Documents
  • Written statement
  • Passport

How to save on the premium

An experienced insurance agent will help save on the amount of the insurance premium by choosing the appropriate insurance program. The price can be reduced by stocks held in different companies. Also, some risks that are not relevant for a client’s country house can be excluded from the policy.

Pay attention to too low a price. It does not happen that all agencies have one price, but only one is half the price. Perhaps the agent was mistaken, and instead of a wooden house, he calculated the cost of a brick policy. In such a situation, a refusal for some insured events is possible.

What to do if an insured event occurs

Actions upon the occurrence of an insured event depend on the circumstances in which this event occurred. If this is a fire, then first of all it is necessary to take security measures and call firefighters, and then call the insurance company.


When giving a summer residence insurance, it is better to trust professionals. The insurance agent will select the appropriate product within 1-2 days and take into account all the nuances of the insurance program. The participation of a professional will also be required in order to properly evaluate the cottage. When signing the contract, always check the description of the object and other data. Specify in advance the procedure for the occurrence of an insured event. Take summer house insurance responsibly, because you protect your property.